Sunny Car Free Sunday

We had a lovely summer sunday, we played our performance twice for an enthusiastic audience.

Photo’s below are made by Luca Di Tommaso.



Today we are playing our performance GUTS!?. at the Autovrije Zondag Leiden. Take out your bike, make a sunny ride to Leiden en meet us at the small square in front of the Hooglandse Kerk (Middelweg 2) where we play our short performance at 13:00 / 15:00 / 16:30.

Be in time so you will see the whole story. Lauren and Margôt will tell about their journey and will try to find out what this trip mend to them and the people they met along the way.

Hope to see you this afternoon!


GUTS speelt GUTS!?.

Aanstaande Zondag spelen we onze korte voorstelling GUTS?!. (uitroepteken vraagteken punt) om 13.00 uur, 15.00 uur en 16.30 uur op het pleintje voor de Hooglandse Kerk in het kader van De Autovrije Zondag Leiden.

Kom je kijken en luisteren naar het verhaal van Lauren en Margôt?

In de voorstelling GUTS!?. vertellen Lauren en Margôt hoe zij de reis ervaren hebben. Ze proberen er samen achter te komen wat de reis voor hen en de mensen die zij gesproken hebben betekend heeft. Want was het alleen leuk of was het misschien ook belangrijk? En zouden niet meer mensen net zoals zij soms gewoon een gek idee moeten uitproberen om te kijken of het werkt? Of was het toch vooral absurd; fietsen met een tafel naar Frankrijk?

Lauren          Wat vond jij nou echt leuk om te doen?

Margôt         In het project bedoel je?

Lauren          Ja

Margôt          Luisteren naar de gesprekken

Lauren         Hoezo dan?

Margôt        Nou, de verrassing van het verhaal waar een onbekend iemand mee komt. En dat je jezelf dan ineens herkent in het verhaal.

Lauren         Dat iemand iets zegt en dat je dan denkt: wow, dit snap ik. Hier ben ik het mee eens.

Margôt        En dat dat dan een soort kick geeft, dat je jezelf herkent in het verhaal van een voor jou totaal onbekend iemand

Lauren          En dat je dan ziet dat diegene dan zelf ook heel enthousiast wordt, omdat hij of zij dat zo overtuigend aan jou kan overbrengen.

Margôt        Zoals Toby, die wij in Rotterdam spraken.

Lauren         Ja! Toby.

Zondag 9 september om 13.00 / 15.00 / 16.30 uur 
Hooglandse Kerk – Leiden 

Reserveren niet nodig – op tijd komen wel!



GUTS in the news

These are the two articles that were written (in Dutch) when we left Leiden. Coming Sunday we will play our performance GUTS!?. in Leiden, hopefully AD Den Haag and Leidsch Dagblad will come and share there thoughts about our project with their readers…



Want to win two tickets for our performance?

Want a chance to win two tickets to our private performance at De Fietsfabriek on Friday September 14th? Quickly post a picture of you and your bike on our GUTS|1213 Facebookpage! Among the photographers we give away two tickets!

For inspiration Hanna and her bike!


One week later

Today it seems already ages ago since we left Leiden. I am still in Coullons working on Charme, but Lauren, Margôt and Marit are already back in The Netherlands. During the evening my mind wonders of thinking about cycling uphill and speaking to all this different people.

I remember Paris very well, where we spent a lovely day along the Canal St. Martin, sitting and talking in the bright sunlight. But I also remember the other canal, between Brussels and Mons, along which we got the flat tire. Where we discovered we all got really fed up about standing still instead of going on. But most of all I will never forgot our big descent to Paris, in 107 kilometres. Singing songs to each other and being thrilled about seeing the Eifel tower.

Luckily we will play our performance in The Netherlands again. On the 9th of September we will play on car free Sunday; open for every one interested. Hope to see our readers there.

And in the meantime, Nienke, Marit and I will think over the project and make new plans for next summer. There are more kilometres, more talks and more stories to long for.



We did it!

“Eh, hallo? Bonjour. Mag ik u iets vragen? Can I ask you something? We’re doing this project. C’est un projet du theatre… We’re inviting young people to speak about what they think is important. Uber ihrer Passione. En uiteindelijk maken we daar dan een voorstelling van… So would you like to join me at our table?”

Ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Yesterday we finally finished making our performance and played our first try-out at the Charme camping site! We had quite some audience and people were exremely enthousiastic about what we had done! For example, Erik, who also sponsored us, mentioned he was really surprised by the way we mixed our personal experiences with the stories we had collected on our way and that he really felt like it was our emtire story as a whole.

For the spectators who wanted to keep a memory of the performance we created ‘inner tire bracelets’, like we’d also done for the people with whom we had our table conversations. People came up with words like ‘kracht’ (power), ‘bewustzijn’ (consciousness) and ‘hoop’ (hope) to describe the performance and we were very touched by all the positive reactions.

We’re looking forward to play the performance several times again!



Paris, je t’ aime

The Sacre Coeur, the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower; everybody who has ever been to Paris is automatically drawn to these places. Tourists from all over the world come to the city of love to take a walk along the Seine, to eat a ‘baguette’ in one of the many parks or to take family pictures in front of l’Arce de Triumphe. For us, though, the stay in Paris was about other things. Along side the beautiful canal Saint Martin we unfolded our table bikes and met a lot of young people with interesting and honest stories.

We started on Sunday around 12 o’clock in the morning and even though we were a little worried there wouldn’t be enough people around to talk to, a girl from the lunch room across the street reassured us that people would arrive in time, because it also happened to be the day that the Tour de France would finish in Paris. She was right. Soon enough people started passing by and we could start our conversations. It was surprising to see how many people were interested in the project! Some even wanted to take pictures with us and with the bikes.

We had very interesting conversations about, amongst other things, swimming, political philosophy, animals, cycling, Latin American culture, industrial design, fighting for good ideas, theatre in combination with food, rivers and oceans and why people from Lyon are awesome.

Yesterday we arrived in Coullons at the Charme camping site to work on our final performance, which will most likely be finished in two days! Keep an eye out for our updates!



107 km

Yesterday we had an early start. At exactly 09:02 we left our cottage in Carlepont. I didn’t tell the girls I was planning to cycle approximately 40 kilometres before lunch. I was wondering whether or not they would just do it without knowing the exact distance. And…it worked out. At 12:30 we cycled over 40 kilometres and were still pretty fit.

After lunch we were heading for Senlis, which was the last ‘big’ town before our decent to Paris the next day. On our (very ‘bon’) route to Senlis, which was only another 15 kilometres, we thinking over the plan to just reach for Paris that same day. At 15:00 we arrived in Senlis and indeed decided to just gif it a shot and cycle in one straight line to the capital of France.

Two baguettes and three pain au chocolat where bought at the Boulangerie; our water supply was being refilled and then the only left thing to do was: BIKE.

And we did. In a very high pace we were heading for Paris. Excited about the thought having dinner in Paris that exact same night. The quiet busy road we were cycling was friendly in that way every one in a few car drivers was encouraging us by screaming: COURAGE COURAGE! And YOU CAN DO IT! and BON ROUTE! and ONLY 25 KILOMETRES LEFT!

After seeing Eifel tower in the distance (woehoe!); an ‘India kind of traffic experience’ in the Ban lieu; and some though last climbs on ‘kasseien’ we finally reached our hostel. Where there was awaiting another surprise. An anonymous sponsor wanted us to have a lovely dinner on a day we would really grave for it. And we did: after 107 kilometres of France road, Martina (our ‘contact’ in Paris) was taking us to this lovely small restaurant along the Canal St. Martin. We had plaits of wonderful food, good wine and cake for dessert. Stuffed we went back to the hostel to have some good sleep.

I’am proud on Margôt and Lauren, who on their own initiative decided to head for Paris in one day and kept on going.

Today we will fold out our tables at The Shakespearian Bookstore and along the Canal St. Martin.



Rue de Bois

Lets start with best: yesterday we had a very interesting talk with Virginie – aged 23 from Holland – about the importance and fun of learning a lot of different languages. When you are able to speak languages you’re independent and free she said. We met her (and her mum) at a small campsite in the middle of ‘Forêt de Mormal’. We could tell you lots more about the conversation. but actually the way we got in touch with her is quiet an adventures story…so sit down and enjoy:

It would be our first day camping instead of spending the night in a Youth Hostel. We were totally ready for it. Hanna was clear of the road; the girls were equipped with loads of water and Marit was thinking over how to make a delicious meal on camping gas. So it started of very well.

While cycling through loads of hilly forest, we were already wondering how to find the campsite. But in our route book it seemed like we would just pass by it. With that thought the trouble began. On the actual spot Hanna, Lauren and Margôt were thinking the campsite would be, there wasn’t one. Hanna tried to contact Marit, but got the out of order tone. We decided  to ‘google-map’ the campsite and just cycle to where google was sending us. And so we did. Without knowing Google was torturing us.

After an hour more of hills and forest we arrived at a campsite, but Marit was not there…strange…because already at 3 o’clock she send a text message saying she was 20 minutes away from the campsite. There were fifteen minutes of total panic: we didn’t want to cycle anymore, but above all we were affright Marit was lost in translation and we would never find her again. In the mean time we kind of become an attraction to the camping guests. And then Brenda showed up. A really nice Dutch woman, who helped us to find out what happened and how to find Marit.

It occurred that Google had send us to another ‘rue de bois’. Not the ‘rue de Bois’ were the intended campsite would have been. But strangely on our ‘rue de Bois’ we found a campsite as well. And then as  from out of space Marit called us, trying to explain that her phone lost connection already since she was preparing our camp in the forest.

Well anyway, in the end, Hanna and Marit met at the church of Preux aux Bois – hugging and promissing to never lose track on each other again. Margôt and Lauren in the meantime were spending time at Brenda’s caravan. Where they met her daughter Virginie. And talked about languages; encouraged by a way to quickly speaking French friend of Brenda.

So well, we thought GUTS would be an adventure…but I think ‘adventure’ is an understatement for what we are going through. Looking forward for more though!

Oh and we had an interesting intervention on route: