Summer 2013

Finally summer arrived!

Summer began with finishing the Europe for Citizens grant application, which we did for our new project WiE? – Who is Europe. In which we will cycle through Europe for 10 months, in search of a renewed image of Europe. We are proud on the application we did. Jannet van Lange, dramaturg, helped us and together with her (and ofcourse all our followers) we are now hoping for the best. End of August/September we will have somer news.

While waiting Hanna attended the Young IDEA 2013 congress in Paris. Young IDEA is a project for young professionals which is linked with the IDEA world congress: a congress in which all kind of theatre / art educators come together to share their practices, toughts and questions about art education.

Young Idea was a laboratory in which 39 participants from 12 different countries worked together. From Taiwan to Argentina, from The Netherlands to South-Africa. Every group, existing of 4 participants coming from the same country, presented a small performance and gave an attached workshop. Followed by a week in which the participants worked in several groups preparing parts of the congress. While doing so we finaly truly came in touch with some of the partners we were searching for. We might have found a potential Spanish partner (unfortunatly in the application we couldn’t include Spain). But most of all Hanna met with Valentine, Lucie, Anna and Irene, who together are AB OVO, our French partner for WiE?. They did a great job managing Young Idea, so we are looking forward to collaborate with them in our own project.

Summer didn’t end yet, and we have lots of prepartation to do for WiE. Fingers crossed for a good summer and some good results in the end. So we can go to Paris again to prepare some serious business.

“We build a world that knows the difference between close and closed, where our border crossings are smaller than zebra crossings”   Dashen – South Africa (Young Idea 2013 participant)




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