Eva and Pauline searching for partners

Eva de Zeeuw and Pauline Polak, two students of the University Utrecht, were helping us the last couple of weeks. They helped searching for partners. They did this because of a project for Community art lectures, but now they feel quiet involved in the project.

Eva did some serious emailing with Spain; hopefully resulting in a colloboration with Salvi Vivancos. And Pauline got in touch with a very interesting partner in Bosnia-Herzegovina. And in the meantime they discovered emailing with Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Macadonia and France takes lots of time…We really appreciate their help!

And we are glad to say that Pauline stays to help us. Eva, unfortunantly (for us, not for her) is setting of to New York, to have some fun and inspiration! In the meantime Pauline and Hanna will get further with their partner-finding-quest.

Look at the cool video Pauline and Eva made, to introduce their speech about GUTS at University!


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