Fighting the crisis in Spain

Hanna just skyped with Luis Roca Jorquiera from Spain. He represents European Movement Murcia, which is one of our potential partners. Unfortunately finding finance for the Spanish part will be very hard, because of the crisis. When Hanna said: ‘well, we will have some time, we won’t be in Spain before October 2014.’ He replied: ‘Yeah well, by then we might not be in the European Union anymore’. Trying to get this project done is harder than we had ever imagined….but also far more interesting…

But just to be sure: if you have any chance to contact your rich Spanish gold uncle, don’t hesitate: we need him ;-)

Check out the website of interesting photographer Salvi Vivancos, which is supposed to take lead in our project in Spain: escpecially check his project with the scanner. We love it.


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