Searching for partners

“I feel homesick. Homesick to Europe. Homesick to Europe the way I thought of it when I was a child; exotic, exciting, undiscovered, a place for interesting encounters, adventures and opportunities to gain new knowledge. In time, however, ‘Europe’ has turned more or less into the European Union, into agreements, regulations and the European government in Brussels; into a Europe that is nothing like my childish image of the continent. And with shock, I realize that my current image of Europe completely lacks any possible sense of humanity. That is why I want to go and search for a new view on Europe; a view in which the European people are standing center stage. I want to leave my house and travel straight into Europe to work on my homesickness, perhaps even fight it.”        

These words are Hanna Timmers’, a twenty-six year old theatre director and artistic director of GUTS. Hanna’s homesickness to Europe was the inspiration to start a new project, in which GUTS will be searching for a connection between Europe and its European citizens.

Driven by homesickness and with the assistance of both young and old Europeans, we will attempt to crea