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“I feel homesick. Homesick to Europe. Homesick to Europe the way I thought of it when I was a child; exotic, exciting, undiscovered, a place for interesting encounters, adventures and opportunities to gain new knowledge. In time, however, ‘Europe’ has turned more or less into the European Union, into agreements, regulations and the European government in Brussels; into a Europe that is nothing like my childish image of the continent. And with shock, I realize that my current image of Europe completely lacks any possible sense of humanity. That is why I want to go and search for a new view on Europe; a view in which the European people are standing center stage. I want to leave my house and travel straight into Europe to work on my homesickness, perhaps even fight it.”        

These words are Hanna Timmers’, a twenty-six year old theatre director and artistic director of GUTS. Hanna’s homesickness to Europe was the inspiration to start a new project, in which GUTS will be searching for a connection between Europe and its European citizens.

Driven by homesickness and with the assistance of both young and old Europeans, we will attempt to create a brand new image of Europe. A Europe, which is not all about globalization, but rather about individual human beings. A brand new image turned into a theatre performance, eventually to be seen by a broad European audience.

The idea is the following; we want to travel through Europe for a time period of ten months, again by bicycle (just like we did in 2012 – see our website). On our way we will talk to various European citizens and the conversations we will have with them will grant us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas. We will talk about the way Europe used to be, the way Europe is now and the possible ideas for what Europe could become in the future. By meeting with fellow Europeans we actually get to interact with them, on top of just communicating our ideas. The conversations will be documented online – for example through photography and video – which will result in a collection of stories, accessible to all Europeans.

Besides substantial conversations about Europe, we are also looking for the artistic inspiration that Europe provides. This is why we are searching for fellow young Europeans, twenty-somethings just like us, who would like to be engaged with Europe for a longer period of time; not only through conversation, but also on an artistic level. On ten different locations in Europe, an artist will create a performance, completely according to his own artistic style, and work together with a group of young Europeans. They will use the online collection of stories that GUTS is creating along the way as inspiration. After an independent start, GUTS will arrive at the specific location and work together with them to finish the project. All of these performances will be the inspiration for the final performance at the end of the trip. In this way, the cooperation does not only benefit substantial outcome, but also artistic outcome.


We are looking for cultural and/or social organizations, located in ten different countries, which are excited about our project and would like to be a part of it. These organization will organize the local project with twenty-somethings and a professional artist (music/theatre/dance). Based on the route, we are looking for connections with organizations located in: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium.

Interested and want to know more about our specific partner search – please contact us by email:

Our deadline for finding partners is 15th of May 2013, this is because our application to the Europe for Citizens program.


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