Performances @ Da Vinci College Leiden

Since last friday we played our performance GUTS!?. six times at Da Vinci College Leiden. It were six very special meetings. In the first place because it was totally new for Lauren and Margôt to play for an ‘not in the first place interested audience’. Normally the people who come to watch their performances are more than willing to like it. But adolescents on a high school are of a total different kind. So the first day Lauren and Margôt worked their asses off. But last friday, experienced from the other week, they already seemed profs. The performance worked really well on the pre-exam classes Havo and VWO. The kids were interested and willing to hear Lauren and Margôt tell about their trip and their meetings with all those different people.

Most interesting were the small conversations that arose after the performance while the audience was watching the stories and drawings on our table. Youngsters were trying to explain to us (1 on 1) why ‘love’ or ‘infinity’ was the word they wanted on their bracelet (we gave them bracelets made of inner-tire just like we did along t