Performance @ De Fietsfabriek

Last friday we had a lovely evening in De Fietsfabriek. We played our performance special for our sponsors. Lauren and Margôt already played the performance three times during the day at Het Davinci College Leiden. They were a bit tired and got a bit nervous about getting the bikes on a Dutch train, but they made it to Amsterdam where they did a very good job.

For everyone who has no clue about what the performance might look like or be about. Below a small bit of text of Lauren, who on our ‘TEDconference way’ tries to explain why this project was so important for her. Hopefully one day she will be asked to talk for TED for real, looking forward to her performance there.

And what remains? Another three times at Het Davinci College on the 28th of September. And in the meantime we are thinking over our plans for 2013.

Ghandi once said: “Everything you do in life will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it. Because no one else will.”

Dear audience,

my name is Lauren and I am only 17 years old.  I am an ordinary girl from a ordinary Dutch town and I have a very ordinary life. But this summer everything changed. I made a trip. I travelled from Leiden to Coullons in France. Not by airplane, not by train, neither bus or car, but on a bicycle…It was though, it was a struggle, there were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but in the end I did.

While traveling I met all of these fantastic, amazing people who all really wanted to DO something. Whether it was riding the BMX, improving the world by doing one small good thing every day or simply being in love.   

And after this weird but also wonderful experience there is only one thing I want to share with all of you:  when you have an idea, when it’s stuck inside your head and just waiting to come out, just do it. Go for it! If you have a plan, no matter how weird or difficult or insane, just go for it! And keep on going! And while you are doing this, try to make something out of it. Write things down, take photographs, create a theatre performance. Because, like Craig, who I met in Mons already knows, creating makes our experiences real!

Thank you, thank you! thank you! 


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