One week later

Today it seems already ages ago since we left Leiden. I am still in Coullons working on Charme, but Lauren, MargĂ´t and Marit are already back in The Netherlands. During the evening my mind wonders of thinking about cycling uphill and speaking to all this different people.

I remember Paris very well, where we spent a lovely day along the Canal St. Martin, sitting and talking in the bright sunlight. But I also remember the other canal, between Brussels and Mons, along which we got the flat tire. Where we discovered we all got really fed up about standing still instead of going on. But most of all I will never forgot our big descent to Paris, in 107 kilometres. Singing songs to each other and being thrilled about seeing the Eifel tower.

Luckily we will play our performance in The Netherlands again. On the 9th of September we will play on car free Sunday; open for every one interested. Hope to see our readers there.

And in the meantime, Nienke, Marit and I will think over the project and make new plans for next summer. There are more kilometres, more talks and more stories to long for.



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