We did it!

“Eh, hallo? Bonjour. Mag ik u iets vragen? Can I ask you something? We’re doing this project. C’est un projet du theatre… We’re inviting young people to speak about what they think is important. Uber ihrer Passione. En uiteindelijk maken we daar dan een voorstelling van… So would you like to join me at our table?”

Ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Yesterday we finally finished making our performance and played our first try-out at the Charme camping site! We had quite some audience and people were exremely enthousiastic about what we had done! For example, Erik, who also sponsored us, mentioned he was really surprised by the way we mixed our personal experiences with the stories we had collected on our way and that he really felt like it was our emtire story as a whole.

For the spectators who wanted to keep a memory of the performance we created ‘inner tire bracelets’, like we’d also done for the people with whom we had our table conversations. People came up with words like ‘kracht’ (power), ‘bewustzijn’ (consciousness) and ‘hoop’ (hope) to describe the performance and we were very touched by all the positive reactions.

We’re looking forward to play the performance several times again!



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