107 km

Yesterday we had an early start. At exactly 09:02 we left our cottage in Carlepont. I didn’t tell the girls I was planning to cycle approximately 40 kilometres before lunch. I was wondering whether or not they would just do it without knowing the exact distance. And…it worked out. At 12:30 we cycled over 40 kilometres and were still pretty fit.

After lunch we were heading for Senlis, which was the last ‘big’ town before our decent to Paris the next day. On our (very ‘bon’) route to Senlis, which was only another 15 kilometres, we thinking over the plan to just reach for Paris that same day. At 15:00 we arrived in Senlis and indeed decided to just gif it a shot and cycle in one straight line to the capital of France.

Two baguettes and three pain au chocolat where bought at the Boulangerie; our water supply was being refilled and then the only left thing to do was: BIKE.

And we did. In a very high pace we were heading for Paris. Excited about the thought having dinner in Paris that exact same night. The quiet busy road we were cycling was friendly in that way every one in a f