Rue de Bois

Lets start with best: yesterday we had a very interesting talk with Virginie – aged 23 from Holland – about the importance and fun of learning a lot of different languages. When you are able to speak languages you’re independent and free she said. We met her (and her mum) at a small campsite in the middle of ‘Forêt de Mormal’. We could tell you lots more about the conversation. but actually the way we got in touch with her is quiet an adventures story…so sit down and enjoy:

It would be our first day camping instead of spending the night in a Youth Hostel. We were totally ready for it. Hanna was clear of the road; the girls were equipped with loads of water and Marit was thinking over how to make a delicious meal on camping gas. So it started of very well.

While cycling through loads of hilly forest, we were already wondering how to find the campsite. But in our route book it seemed like we would just pass by it. With that thought the trouble began. On the actual spot Hanna, Lauren and Margôt were thinking the campsite would be, there wasn’t one. Hanna tried to contact Marit, but got the out of order tone. We decided  to ‘google-map’ the campsite and j