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Connecting Memories

To think doing and to do thinking 

That’s the phrase Flying Fish uses as a motto. And that is what we will do in Medina de Rioseco   coming two weeks during Connecting Memories.

Connecting Memories is a community theatre project in which firstly several young European professionals are exchanging their ideas on theatre and education and secondly a trans generational performance will be created in cooperation with young and elderly inhabitants of Medina de Rioseco. Centre in this work will be an old bread factory in the town.

GUTS this time is not represented by Hanna only, but also Noemï Degrauwe from Belgium is participating in the project as GUTSmember. We are very proud to have her in our team. In the first week of CM Hanna will give a workshop titled how to create from peoples stories? In that same week Noemi will work with the group on how to work side specifically.

We are very much looking forward to our time in Medina de Rioseco and will keep you updated on Facebook and this website!

and they also ride bikes in Medina de Rioseco, check the video:


No funding WiE? – Who is Europe

Unfortunately we have to give you some negative news about our WiE? – Who is Europe? project, which we were planning to give flight in 2014. End of August we heard we are not one of the organizations that will be funded by the ‘Europe for Citizens’ grant. Which means we are not going to do the project in 2014. We might come up with some new plans, but first we will take some rest and consider what to do now. Maybe we will once bike Europe, but for now we just ride our bikes through Amsterdam and Utrecht and try to be happy this cities don’t have hills, mountains, heaps of wind and rainy kilometers.


Summer 2013

Finally summer arrived!

Summer began with finishing the Europe for Citizens grant application, which we did for our new project WiE? – Who is Europe. In which we will cycle through Europe for 10 months, in search of a renewed image of Europe. We are proud on the application we did. Jannet van Lange, dramaturg, helped us and together with her (and ofcourse all our followers) we are now hoping for the best. End of August/September we will have somer news.

While waiting Hanna attended the Young IDEA 2013 congress in Paris. Young IDEA is a project for young professionals which is linked with the IDEA world congress: a congress in which all kind of theatre / art educators come together to share their practices, toughts and questions about art education.

Young Idea was a laboratory in which 39 participants from 12 different countries worked together. From Taiwan to Argentina, from The Netherlands to South-Africa. Every group, existing of 4 participants coming from the same country, presented a small performance and gave an attached workshop. Followed by a week in which the participants worked in several groups preparing parts of the congress. While doing so we finaly truly came in touch with some of the partners we were searching for. We might have found a potential Spanish partner (unfortunatly in the application we couldn’t include Spain). But most of all Hanna met with Valentine, Lucie, Anna and Irene, who together are AB OVO, our French partner for WiE?. They did a great job managing Young Idea, so we are looking forward to collaborate with them in our own project.

Summer didn’t end yet, and we have lots of prepartation to do for WiE. Fingers crossed for a good summer and some good results in the end. So we can go to Paris again to prepare some serious business.

“We build a world that knows the difference between close and closed, where our border crossings are smaller than zebra crossings”   Dashen – South Africa (Young Idea 2013 participant)




Eva and Pauline searching for partners

Eva de Zeeuw and Pauline Polak, two students of the University Utrecht, were helping us the last couple of weeks. They helped searching for partners. They did this because of a project for Community art lectures, but now they feel quiet involved in the project.

Eva did some serious emailing with Spain; hopefully resulting in a colloboration with Salvi Vivancos. And Pauline got in touch with a very interesting partner in Bosnia-Herzegovina. And in the meantime they discovered emailing with Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Macadonia and France takes lots of time…We really appreciate their help!

And we are glad to say that Pauline stays to help us. Eva, unfortunantly (for us, not for her) is setting of to New York, to have some fun and inspiration! In the meantime Pauline and Hanna will get further with their partner-finding-quest.

Look at the cool video Pauline and Eva made, to introduce their speech about GUTS at University!


Fighting the crisis in Spain

Hanna just skyped with Luis Roca Jorquiera from Spain. He represents European Movement Murcia, which is one of our potential partners. Unfortunately finding finance for the Spanish part will be very hard, because of the crisis. When Hanna said: ‘well, we will have some time, we won’t be in Spain before October 2014.’ He replied: ‘Yeah well, by then we might not be in the European Union anymore’. Trying to get this project done is harder than we had ever imagined….but also far more interesting…

But just to be sure: if you have any chance to contact your rich Spanish gold uncle, don’t hesitate: we need him ;-)

Check out the website of interesting photographer Salvi Vivancos, which is supposed to take lead in our project in Spain: escpecially check his project with the scanner. We love it.


Searching for partners

“I feel homesick. Homesick to Europe. Homesick to Europe the way I thought of it when I was a child; exotic, exciting, undiscovered, a place for interesting encounters, adventures and opportunities to gain new knowledge. In time, however, ‘Europe’ has turned more or less into the European Union, into agreements, regulations and the European government in Brussels; into a Europe that is nothing like my childish image of the continent. And with shock, I realize that my current image of Europe completely lacks any possible sense of humanity. That is why I want to go and search for a new view on Europe; a view in which the European people are standing center stage. I want to leave my house and travel straight into Europe to work on my homesickness, perhaps even fight it.”        

These words are Hanna Timmers’, a twenty-six year old theatre director and artistic director of GUTS. Hanna’s homesickness to Europe was the inspiration to start a new project, in which GUTS will be searching for a connection between Europe and its European citizens.

Driven by homesickness and with the assistance of both young and old Europeans, we will attempt to create a brand new image of Europe. A Europe, which is not all about globalization, but rather about individual human beings. A brand new image turned into a theatre performance, eventually to be seen by a broad European audience.

The idea is the following; we want to travel through Europe for a time period of ten months, again by bicycle (just like we did in 2012 – see our website). On our way we will talk to various European citizens and the conversations we will have with them will grant us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas. We will talk about the way Europe used to be, the way Europe is now and the possible ideas for what Europe could become in the future. By meeting with fellow Europeans we actually get to interact with them, on top of just communicating our ideas. The conversations will be documented online – for example through photography and video – which will result in a collection of stories, accessible to all Europeans.

Besides substantial conversations about Europe, we are also looking for the artistic inspiration that Europe provides. This is why we are searching for fellow young Europeans, twenty-somethings just like us, who would like to be engaged with Europe for a longer period of time; not only through conversation, but also on an artistic level. On ten different locations in Europe, an artist will create a performance, completely according to his own artistic style, and work together with a group of young Europeans. They will use the online collection of stories that GUTS is creating along the way as inspiration. After an independent start, GUTS will arrive at the specific location and work together with them to finish the project. All of these performances will be the inspiration for the final performance at the end of the trip. In this way, the cooperation does not only benefit substantial outcome, but also artistic outcome.


We are looking for cultural and/or social organizations, located in ten different countries, which are excited about our project and would like to be a part of it. These organization will organize the local project with twenty-somethings and a professional artist (music/theatre/dance). Based on the route, we are looking for connections with organizations located in: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium.

Interested and want to know more about our specific partner search – please contact us by email:

Our deadline for finding partners is 15th of May 2013, this is because our application to the Europe for Citizens program.


New route

Hanna is doubting about the route for the new project….it has to be a combination of ‘Old Europe’ and ‘New Europe’…in the same time trying to avoid heavy winters and bloody hot summers…unfortunately that seems impossible…


Beste meneer Asscher

20 februari 2013

Beste meneer Asscher,

Woensdagochtend lees ik in de Volkskrant dat u van plan bent nieuwkomers een participatiecontract te laten tekenen. Mijn wenkbrauwen vormen een verbazende frons. In de paar minuten die het duurt het voorpagina artikel te lezen gaat mijn verbazing over in verwarring. U stelt namelijk dat de EU de laatste jaren teveel de nadruk heeft gelegd op vrij verkeer van werknemers. En dat dit kan leiden tot een asociaal Europa.

Nu ben ik al een tijd bezig met een Europees georiënteerd theaterproject. Ik heb namelijk heimwee. Heimwee naar de manier waarop Europa als kind aan mij gepresenteerd werd. Met Bassie en Adriaan op reis door Europa en met de spanning van de naderende Euro. Europa was spannend, exotisch en ver weg. Europa is in de loop der tijd helaas verworden tot een economisch en politiek begrip dat ik niet meer echt begrijp. Europa is de Europese Unie, met haar afspraken, regels en financiële problemen. En zo wekt Europa bij mij geen enkele verwachting meer die raakt aan mijn kinderlijke beeld van het continent.

Maar aan één ding hield ik toch aldoor vast. Dat het fantastisch is dat inwoners van de Europese Unie vrij kunnen reizen en zich vestigen op een plaats naar keuze. Dat appelleert namelijk aan mijn kinderlijke gevoel voor avontuur en vrijheid. En het maakt dat een Europeaan een Europeaan kan zijn, Française wonend in Stockholm; Slowaak wonend in Amsterdam.

In het licht van uw voornemen en mijn eigen bedenkingen over Europa, kom ik er nu helemaal niet meer uit. Wat is er over van dat gezamenlijke Europa als de vrije vestiging wegvalt? Ik kan het niet laten een vergelijking te maken. Stel u Europa voor als eenheid, als een groot verenigd woon- en werkgebied. Dan stelt u nu met de invoering van een participatiecontract toch eigenlijk voor om een Amsterdammer die naar Maastricht verhuist pas toe te laten als hij succesvol een test maakt over plaatselijk Maastrichts gedrag?

Wat stelt u zich eigenlijk voor bij de eenheid van de Europese Unie? Stelt u zich Europa wel voor als een eenheid? En zo ja, is het dan niet eerlijk ook alle Nederlanders dat contract te laten tekenen? U doet alsof het probleem van een asociaal Nederland de schuld is van asociale nieuwkomers. Ik hoop dat u dat zelf ook een twijfelachtige stellingname vindt. Of meent u het en is het dan een idee alle Nederlanders die zich niet aan het contract houden uit te zetten? Maar waarheen? Naar een land waar men niet zulke ‘hoogstaande’ normen en waarden heeft als wij?

Tijdens het nadenken over mijn project dacht ik steeds één ding zeker te weten: Europa als gebied waar mensen samen wonen en werken. Maar nu schrap ik ook deze aanname. Ik heb werkelijk geen idee meer waar Europa voor staat.

Schrijft u terug? Ik ben namelijk bezig met een Europese subsidieaanvraag en het is wel handig als ik dan weet uit te leggen wat Europa is.

met vriendelijke groet,

Hanna Timmers


Performances @ Da Vinci College Leiden

Since last friday we played our performance GUTS!?. six times at Da Vinci College Leiden. It were six very special meetings. In the first place because it was totally new for Lauren and Margôt to play for an ‘not in the first place interested audience’. Normally the people who come to watch their performances are more than willing to like it. But adolescents on a high school are of a total different kind. So the first day Lauren and Margôt worked their asses off. But last friday, experienced from the other week, they already seemed profs. The performance worked really well on the pre-exam classes Havo and VWO. The kids were interested and willing to hear Lauren and Margôt tell about their trip and their meetings with all those different people.

Most interesting were the small conversations that arose after the performance while the audience was watching the stories and drawings on our table. Youngsters were trying to explain to us (1 on 1) why ‘love’ or ‘infinity’ was the word they wanted on their bracelet (we gave them bracelets made of inner-tire just like we did along the road). And sometimes just after the performance someone wanted to tell us (and their whole class listening) what it was they thought was of real value. I personally hope that the youngsters who saw the performance will remember these small talks and will think and talk about their important thoughts with their teacher or friends another time again.

And now the summer really ended, leaves are falling from the trees and GUTS|1213 came to an end. Luckely their will be a lot of cosy evenings to think and write about a new plan, which is at the moment just a dream: cycling for 12 months; with 12 different young artists; meeting lots of people in at least 12 European country’s to finally connect all these different people living in the same continent. Trying to connect them by what they think really is of value and importance, just then on that moment, when we sit with them and ask them to think, dream and inspire us.






Performance @ De Fietsfabriek

Last friday we had a lovely evening in De Fietsfabriek. We played our performance special for our sponsors. Lauren and Margôt already played the performance three times during the day at Het Davinci College Leiden. They were a bit tired and got a bit nervous about getting the bikes on a Dutch train, but they made it to Amsterdam where they did a very good job.

For everyone who has no clue about what the performance might look like or be about. Below a small bit of text of Lauren, who on our ‘TEDconference way’ tries to explain why this project was so important for her. Hopefully one day she will be asked to talk for TED for real, looking forward to her performance there.

And what remains? Another three times at Het Davinci College on the 28th of September. And in the meantime we are thinking over our plans for 2013.

Ghandi once said: “Everything you do in life will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it. Because no one else will.”

Dear audience,

my name is Lauren and I am only 17 years old.  I am an ordinary girl from a ordinary Dutch town and I have a very ordinary life. But this summer everything changed. I made a trip. I travelled from Leiden to Coullons in France. Not by airplane, not by train, neither bus or car, but on a bicycle…It was though, it was a struggle, there were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but in the end I did.

While traveling I met all of these fantastic, amazing people who all really wanted to DO something. Whether it was riding the BMX, improving the world by doing one small good thing every day or simply being in love.   

And after this weird but also wonderful experience there is only one thing I want to share with all of you:  when you have an idea, when it’s stuck inside your head and just waiting to come out, just do it. Go for it! If you have a plan, no matter how weird or difficult or insane, just go for it! And keep on going! And while you are doing this, try to make something out of it. Write things down, take photographs, create a theatre performance. Because, like Craig, who I met in Mons already knows, creating makes our experiences real!

Thank you, thank you! thank you!